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Caudron C60 Caudron C60 Caudron C60 Caudron C60

Source: France

Acquired: 1925

Type: Floatplane, used as a trainer

Engine: 80hp Le Rhone, 5-cylinder rotary or 130-hp Clerget.

Length: 8.30 metres
Wing Span: 12 metres
Max Speed: 132 km/hr


Maximum Ceiling:

Known Serial Numbers: 6, 25


  • #6
    • April 27, 1925 - First Latvian flight of the Caudron (pilot: N.Jevlampjevs)
    • July 18, 1925 - Veteran pilot Karlis Skaubitis flies Caudron #6.
    • Sept.16, 1925 - Pilot S.Meijers earns five days of house arrest for flying Caudron #6 over the city (presumably Liepaja) at an altitude of only 200m.
    • 1928 - The Caudron C.60 also served as a model for a "replacement" copy produced by the Kristine Backman factory in Riga.
    • July 29, 1932 - After a major overhaul, #6 is test flown by Capt. E. Karklins.
    • January 4, 1933 - a committee is formed to evaluate #6's suitability for continued use.
  • #25
    • April 1929 - A.S.Christine Backman completes the replica of the Caudron C.60. It utilized a 130-hp Clerget, and did not need help to start as the engine could be started by turning a hand crank in the front cockpit.
    • April 24, 1929 - Caudron #25 is accepted by the Naval Aviation Unit.
    • Caudron #25 (built by A.S. Christine Backman) remained in service until April 1, 1934. It was subsequently donated to the Liepajas LAK Sport Flying School.
    • January 9, 1938 - Caudron #25 is destroyed in a fire at LAK's hangar.


Bruvelis, Edvins. Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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