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IVL A.22


Source: Ilmavoimeinen Valton Lentokneet, Finland. Two copies were produced locally by A.S.Christine Backman.

Acquired: 1925

Type: two-seater floatplane

Engine: 300 hp Fiat A-12bis 6-cylinder water-cooled

Length: 11.10 m
Wing Span: 15.85 m
Height: 3.37 m
Max Speed: 170 km/hr

Range: 525 km

Maximum Ceiling:

Known Serial Numbers: 12 (4G99), 13 (4G100), 22, 23


  • 1925 - Two IVL A.22 seaplanes are purchased from Ilmailuvoimien Lentokonetehdas in Finland.
  • Dec.9, 1926 - the order (prepared by Eng. W.Neimans and Capt. Ceplits) is confirmed by the Latvian War Ministry, and the two Hansas are flown to Liepaja.
  • Dec.15, 1926 - The aircraft purchased from IVL are received. They had works no's 4G99 and 4G100. Within a year both had crashed when trying to land in dense fog.
  • March 4, 1927 - both aircraft are destroyed when they make landings on rough seas in the fog.
  • 1927 - A.S.Christine Backman receives a contract to build two seaplanes, copies of the Finnish IVL A.22, which itself was a copy of the Hansa Brandenburg W.33
  • The engines of the two wrecked IVL A.22s are recovered from the sea, rebuilt and used in the construction of the two copies. A.Minuks oversees the work, with technical contributions from K.Irbitis.
  • Spring, 1928 - A.S.Christine Backman completes the first of two IVL A.22 copies. The second was completed shortly afterwards. (Serial numbered 22 and 23)
  • Autumn, 1928 - The two Backman-built IVL A.22s are delivered to the Naval Aviation unit at Liepaja.
  • The rebuilt IVLs provide excellent service, only being struck from the active list on August 10, 1933.
  • By other reports, they were only written off in May, 1936 when the Naval Aviation Division was re-structured.


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Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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