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Svenska Aero SA-10 Pirat Svenska Aero SA-10 Pirat Svenska Aero SA-10 Pirat Svenska Aero SA-10 Pirat Svenska Aero SA-10 Pirat #102

Source: Sweden

Acquired: Purchased in 1929

Type: Two-seater biplane naval reconnaissance floatplane

Engine: 215 hp Lynx Radial

Length: 8.7 metres
Wing Span: 10.4 metres (upper), 8.8 metres (lower)
Height: 3.37 metres
Max Speed: 175 km/hr (land variant), 170 km/hr (floatplane)


Maximum Ceiling: 8,700 metres

Known Serial Numbers: #24 / #102 (original) #30 / #103 (LKOD)


  • This aircraft was built in Sweden by Ingvar Kjellson, under the guidance of Bucker, who went on to create some very famous aircraft himself. Only two were made - one was kept by the Swedes, the other sold to Latvia.
  • LKOD subsequently made a copy of this aircraft.
  • The aircraft could be set up in either the floatplane or the land version, and the Latvians used their Pirat in both configurations.
  • #24 / #102 (Original)
    • April 29, 1929 - Accepted from the manufacturer and assigned to the Naval fighter unit.
    • September 1935 - pilot I.Karklins crashes the aircraft heavily. It is in repair/rebuild from September 1935 until December 1936.
    • Summer 1939 - the aircraft is destroyed when E.Varazinskis and V.Skere strike the shorline with the aircraft during maneuvers and the aircraft crashes and burns.
  • #30 / #103 (LKOD)
    • February 28, 1936 - the military places an order for LKOD to produce a copy of #24.
    • January 27, 1937 - the aircraft is completed in the land operations configuration.
    • June 11, 1937 - the floats, etc. for the floatplane configuration are completed.
    • June 18, 1937 - after only a week of service in the floatplane configuration, the aircraft is crashed by A.Gudermans and K.Mikelsons, when the engine died while they were flying at low altitude with the wind at their back. The aicraft suffered further damage when it was lifted from the water with a crane.
    • April, 1938 - the repaired aircraft is returned to service.
    • January 27, 1939 - the aircraft undergoes a rebuild.
    • This aircraft continued in service until the very end of the first period of Latvian independence - June 17, 1940.


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Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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