PZL 23

PZL 23

Source: Poland

Considered: 1936 - 37

Type: Light bomber / Reconnaissance

Engine: Bristol Pegasus (670 hp and 720 hp variants)

Length: 9.68 m.
Wing Span: 13.95 m.
Height: 3.3 m.
Max Speed: 304 km/hr

Range: 1,260 km

Maximum Ceiling: 7,300 m

Crew: 3


  • The PZL 23 first flew in 1934 and entered production in 1936. While the Polish variant used the Bristol Pegasus engine, all export variants (presumably also those which the Latvians could have purchased) were equipped with the Gnome-Rhone.
  • Beginning in December 1936 the Latvians began looking for a more modern trainer, suitable for preparing pilots for the Gloster Gladiator while still being capable of being used for reconnaissance.
  • While the PZL was one of about six aircraft considered for the role, the decision was made on Feb.9, 1937 to purchase the Hawker Hind.

  • Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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