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Spārnotā Latvīja, June 1934

Spārnotā Latvīja, cover

Spārnotā Latvīja, cover

Spārnotā Latvīja, June 1939

Spārnotā Latvīja, cover

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We were made aware of problems connecting to our site. If you've had access issues, please Email us at contact@latvianaviation.com to let us know. We've taken several steps, including obtaining "verified" status with McAfee and, most recently, we re-engineered navigation to remove the connect-to-site home page redirect. Redirects are often considered to be signs of nefarious web intent whereby users are misled to believe they are connecting in one place but are sent somewhere completely different, usually a completely different site. That meant changing all the internal file references on the site. Hopefully we found them all! Let us know if you encounter any broken links.

  • Bekmanis album — Fixed album navigation issues.
  • Boriss Azeļickis — Latvian glider pioneer added. Our thanks to the Azeļickis family for their interest and contributions.
  • Clip art page — Upgraded to an album with thumbnails.
  • WWI aircraft images — Upgraded to an album with thumbnails.
  • Several of the aviator pages with multiple pictures were also upgraded to albums.
  • We added several navigation tabs at top: Aerodromes, WWI, and WWII.
  • We added civilian aircraft and gliders to the context menu for the Aircraft navigation tab, formerly just military aircraft.
  • Upgraded to version 2.8.2 of Lightbox for improved album management.
  • Upgraded to latest miniCM content manager, which supports content templates and responsive web sites. This will allow us to work on improving the user experience on mobile devices.

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